Christmas-fying in the Living Room

I really enjoy decorating the house for Christmas, and I really like being able to use stuff we have around give it a holiday twist. 

This is a table from Cameron’s in it’s everyday-ness.

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For Christmas, I added some wide ribbon as a runner (much cheaper than buying a runner and MUCH easier than making one) and some other decorations.  Then, I stuck a ribbon and some bows and poinsettias from the Dollar Store in the tree thing that was already there to make it look more festive.


On the other side of the room is this planter.  The feathers and greenery are in it year round, but for the holidays, I stick the extra poinsettias in it, too.


And another super easy decoration is hanging this little pillow on the armoire.


Easy stuff!  My favorite!


  1. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. Using a wide ribbon for a table runner is a fantastic idea. I need to get my butt in gear... I have NO Christmas decorations up at all, not even a tree. Shame on me! :)

  2. Everything looks beautiful! I'm getting our decorations down on Thursday to do a Christmas-fyig myself. I'm running behind this year but hopefully can catch up this week.

  3. I love the way you decorate for the holiday using your everyday decor! Your home is so festive and I think I might need the pillow for my house... how cute!
    dee dee

  4. looks great and love the wide ribbon!

  5. I've had to cut back on my stuff with the puppies around. They nab everything!

  6. I mis-read everyday-ness as everyday-mess and kept peering at the photo and thinking, 'mess? MESS?? Sheesh, if she thinks that's a mess I'm NEVER posting photos of the inside of my house'. Then I read it properly. I need more coffee. And a brain.

    Nice decorations btw!