Prepping for the Kids’ Den


Next big project?  Finishing the space under the Dining Room.

It’s an oddish space. A completely interior room.  In model homes of our floor plan we’ve seen this space finished as an Exercise room, an extension of the bar, even a room devoted to wine tasting: with a wine cellar and a small table and a few chairs!


Our plan? An all-purpose room! How’s that for flexible living?

For the right now, it’s going to be what the kids are calling the “Kidz Den”. A place for them to hang out: we’ve got planned storage, some built-in desks for computers, homework and projects; a TV and all the gaming stuff.

First step was to move the security alarm box, which would have caused difficulties in framing the room. Check!

Second, was to build the storage. But, because we like to reuse stuff, we needed the “already built shelves” that are in unfinished basement that will some day be a bedroom. (see Future Bedroom above.) So, Ryan moved these to the garage.















And he put all this on it. 



It’s all of our camping gear and coolers, which is BRILLIANT since this is where we need the stuff. Before these shelves were built in the garage, we would haul it from the back to the front in a wheelbarrow.

Then, he moved more shelves into the “Kids’ Den”—making this. We will have two sets of double doors to hide these shelves. He also spray painted it all.  We are leaving this “closet” unfinished (this area also includes water pipes and the sprinkler system drainage), but thought painting it all white would give it a more finished look.  Also, when we do the carpet, we will also carpet into this closet.


Next, Ryan will start the framing.  Luckily, there will only be two walls requiring framing, and one of those walls will have the double doors.

Also, because this is an interior room, we are going to replace the solid door with a glass-paned door, to allow natural light and parental peeking. 

Here’s the rest of the room….long way to go.  Oh! Side Note: see that light hanging in there? That’s the old light that was over the pool table in the family room.


Here’s the new one.


Ryan promised the kids he’d have their room done before Christmas.  Knowing him, he’ll probably keep that promise.


  1. It's gonna be a great space when it's done!

  2. i almost can't read your blog because I die from jealousy.

  3. I didn't get any further than, "a room devoted to wine tasting".

  4. Bub, you totally crack me up. And you crack Ryan up, too. Can you imagine? The kids always asking, "Daddy, why does Mommy spend so much time in the Wine Room?"