Happy Birthday to Me and a Trip to the DMV

Yesterday was my birthday!  One of my most favorite days of the year because I am a little bit selfish that way.  And, it’s true.  I completely love a day devoted to ME! 

But, my driver’s license expired yesterday and while the DMV had generously given me over 6 weeks to renew, I put it off until the last day. 

So yesterday morning I wake, shower, fix my hair, get dressed and apply makeup.  I know it’s only a driver’s license picture, but I will have it with me for the next six years.

After a bit of trouble actually finding the place, I arrive

And it was pleasantly uneventful. I took my yellow ticket – number 48. They were on 46 when I got there.  About 15 minutes of waiting I get called, pass my test, get wished a Happy Birthday, take a lousy picture and head out.

And guess what!?

Sadly, I can't pee at the DMV.


But I can try my luck at winning an awesome toy in the CLAW MACHINE!



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope the DL pic turned out well - mine usually end up looking like a mugshot LOL

  2. How funny.

    They need depends in the claw machine.


  3. The claw machine cracks me up. Maybe I should get one and put it in my front yard to help finance my painting addiction.

  4. Happy birthday! Congrats on adding another 6 years to your driving experience!
    Did you win anything in the claw?
    Dee Dee

  5. I'm so glad your Birthday trip to the DMV was uneventful and short. In this particular state, this is not always the case.
    Did you tell them about the DMV office in the Petco?