Stairway to Heaven or Hell

While we still have TONS of projects, one that is way down on the list for me, but that I am really considering starting soon is the railing. 

I'm thinking about painting it BLACK.  I saw a very similar railing, which really inspired me - inspiration.  And you see railings painted all the time. And, I really think I would like it better.

But we just have SO MUCH railing. And because it's all open, I really don't think there's a stopping spot....

From the bottom, looking up.

Looking down to the basement from the Main Level

When you walk in the front door.

From the Main Level...going up.

At the top of the stairs on the Second Floor

Looking up from the Living Room

Looking down from the top level - ALL the way down.  Makes me kinda dizzy. I like it!

I don't think Ryan is even remotely on board with this one, but you bloggers carry a ton of weight with him.

So, what do you think?  Yay or Nay?  Is it worth the trouble or not?


  1. This is a project that should take about 50 yrs.. how do you think you'll feel about it when you finish at age 90?

  2. LOL I see where your going with this and I'm siding with both you AND Ryan here...this may be one of those PSE moments. The black would look awesome but I'd feel bad for Ryan having to do it. Great photos, btw! Way to capture the enormity!

  3. Ooh, decisions decisions. I must admit until I followed the link I thought 'no, leave it'. But then... I found I liked it. (Although in the pics in the link, the rail is stained wood. Oh wait, you said similar. Hmm.)

    Personally, I think I'd paint a section, live with it for a couple of days, then see how I felt about it (writes she, who STILL hasn't finished painting the stair rails and spindles in her own house. Sigh).

    If you decide it's the way to go, then yay! you've got yourself a project for the next 50 years (LOL at your mum's comment!).

  4. I may be the only one, but I like the white rails and spindles! Wonderful photos and what a beautiful home! My question to you would be... what about the current look don't you like? I'm sure what ever you decided it will look fantastic!
    Dee dee

  5. Ok just went and look at the inspiration photo, and think this might look good in your home too! I don't think you could go wrong either way!
    Dee Dee

  6. oh wow - that's a lot of railing. and i'm a fan of white