Moving Appliances

When the decision was finally made to gut the kitchen and start from scratch, we had the opportunity to move the appliances. We'd already decided to move the cook top from the center island to the perimeter counters, but then we also had options for the microwave, fridge, dishwasher and ovens. Ryan fought me HARD on moving the fridge, but I won and he concedes that it's better in its now location. We kept it on the same wall, but slid over about 4 feet, making it closer to the main sink. This also opened up the right side where we put a stacked microwave and oven. I wish you could get microwave doors to switch to open on the opposite side like you can on dryers and some refrigerators; if the micro door opened the other way, it would be perfect. As is, it's 92% perfect.



  1. Good job on sticking to your guns. LOVE the efficiency of where everything is located!